TIM LAYER - Head Swim Coach
Email Coach Tim at: timothyalanlayer@gmail.com
Tim graduated from Grand Valley State University and studied sport's management and hospitality. He began swimming before he could walk and swam for 14 years for the Roselle Racers Lake Park Swim Team, attended numerous summer swim camps, swim clubs, and Tim even started a swim and dive club at Grand Valley. He is a swim coach at Lake Park High School and is ready for his 8th season of coaching for Roselle this summer. He loves to motivate his swimmers to swim fast, improve their strokes, stay motivated, stay focused, and drop times. He is excited to continue to work with the Roselle Racers and Roselle Racer families for another successful summer!

Marie Adelman
Email Coach Marie at: marie.adelman23@gmail.com
Coach Marie graduated from Illinois State University with her masters in speech language pathology. She is currently a speech and language pathologist at Spring Trail Elementary. She swam for the Roselle Racers for 13 years and has grown up swimming club teams and for Lake Park high school. She is the girls assistant swim coach at Lake Park High school.

Marie is so excited to be coaching her third season for the Roselle Racers and can't wait for the summer to begin! She will be coaching the 8 & under age group this year. She loves to make the season fun for all families and swimmers on the Roselle Racers! 

Joshua May-

Email Coach Joshua at: may.joshua26@gmail.com
I am an English Education major at Illinois State University; I've just finished my sophomore year. For eleven years, I swam for the Itasca Dolphins, and I swam for four years at Lake Park High School. My favorite events are the 50 Freestyle,100 Freestyle, and 50 Backstroke. Swimming has always been an important part of my life, so I'm extremely excited to begin my first year of coaching. I'm looking forward to building relationships with the swimmers and their families, as well as helping each swimmer to be the best swimmer they can be. Here's to an awesome season!

David Valentine-
Email Coach David at: dgvalentine101@gmail.com
Coach Dave swam for the Roselle Racers for 10 years, the Lake Park Swim Team for 4 years, and has participated in numerous swim clubs throughout his life. He is currently a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he can be found swimming laps daily at the rec center on campus. This will be his 1st season coaching the racers and is excited to make the season one of improving stroke techniques, fast swims, and an overall enjoyable swimming experience!