The Roselle Racers are members of the DuPage Swim and Dive Conference. The Conference consists of 15 teams and is divided into three divisions (white, red and blue). Teams start out in the lowest (blue) division and must work their way up. At the end of every season a conference meet is held, and the winner of each division moves up while the lowest scoring team moves down.  In 2002, the Racers finished first in the Red Division and, therefore, moved up to the White Division in 2003.  In 2004, the Racers finished fifth in the White Division and, thus, moved down to the Red Division in 2005. We remained there until July 2008 when we moved back up to the White Division. We have remained in the White Division, with the exception of the 2009 season, ever since.

The breakdown for the 2015 season is:

Pasted Graphic

Certification Classes for Swim Timers, Scorers & Judges:
We always need more parents to become certified timers and judges for the swim team!!!!!!!!!!! Specifically, we need you to attend a one-evening class. No registration is required, but there is a $5.00 paperwork fee. We need you to be certified in order to time and judge in the end of season conference meets. Class dates and times throughout the spring and summer will be announced.
Visit the Certification Classes page for the updated schedule.